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What to expect after a massage

Here at Compassionate Hart Massage Therapy, we care about our customers and that is why your massage experience will be a good one from start to finish. It can sometimes feel awkward after your massage if you do not know what the usual protocol is. You can find information about what to do after your massage, along with some frequently asked questions below.

What to do straight after the massage

Once your massage has finished, your dedicated therapist will vacate the room so that you can get dressed at your own discretion. Take a few moments to get back to “reality” if you wish, there is no rush whatsoever and some people do need a few moments to get themselves back together after a particularly intense massage session. Take it easy getting off the table, if you get up to quick, you might get dizzy or lightheaded, so just take your time.

After you are dressed and collect your things, return to the reception area and feel free to help yourself to a class of water. The therapist may ask you how you are feeling, please communicate with them anything that is on your mind about the session, so that they can take notes and improve on that for the next session. The therapist will check cash you out and this is a great time to reschedule your next massage as well.

How you should feel

A massage is different for everybody and how you feel will purely depend on the type of massage you had, how long it took and how you feel in your own mind at that moment in time. HOPEFULLY you will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and with less pain, if possible do not return to work or do anything strenuous after the therapy. It’s best to schedule your massage on a day where you know you don’t have many responsibilities but of course this is completely up to you. A range of feelings can occur after a massage however, while some people just want to go to sleep others feel ready to take on the world. Whatever the emotion, hopefully your massage was a relaxing experience with us at A Compassionate Hart Massage Therapy and you will be back again shortly!

You will receive 2 follow up emails from us checking in on you to see how you feel. This is your opportunity to let us know how you are feeling after the massage, or if you have any questions or concerns. This information is important to let the therapist know what to do for your next massage! At this time to, if you were dissatisfied with anything, please let us know. This is how we improve and grow and we are always looking for constructive criticism.

The benefits to massages are huge, if you are relatively new to this kind of pampering they are definitely worth fitting into your life on a regular basis. You will soon notice a difference to how you feel, many people swear by them to keep themselves stress free and pain free.

Common questions

Here are some questions that we get asked often at Compassionate Hart Massage Therapy, so take the time to go over these to have a better understanding of possible issues that might occur.

Will I be sore after the massage?

-Depends on the type of massage that you received. If you came in for pain relief and received  Trigger Point Therapy or Deep Tissue, you may feel some soreness. This is information that would be good to let the therapist know in the follow up email. And depending on the person, we can make recommendations on how to help with that soreness as well.

Can I return to work after my massage?

– There is no reason why you cannot go back to work after your massage if for example, you booked it to be done in your lunch hour. Make sure you feel OK however because some people feel light headed after the session and are not able to drive. Your relaxed state might also affect how you perform in work, some people find themselves very emotional after the experience but this might not apply to you.

Will the massage oil ruin my hair or damage my clothes?

– Massage lotion used here at A Compassionate Hart Massage Therapy will not damage your clothing or hair and should come out after being washed away. You will probably feel more comfortable wearing clothes that you do not consider your “best” however. Also you should mention to our massage therapists if you have any allergies that could be found in our products. Sometimes to, we do get into the neck or scalp, and if you do not want your hair messed up, let the therapist know ahead of time.

Is it protocol to tip massage therapists?

– All our therapists are giving you a service and would very much appreciate a tip to show that you appreciated that service. While this isn’t completely necessary, treat our members of staff like you would a hairdresser or waitress at your favorite restaurant. The decision is completely upto you and you should also consider the quality of the massage that you received. If there any ways that we can improve our services please let us know because our customers priorities are always number one.

I hope now that you understand more about the massage experience and what you can expect  afterwards, you will be more inclined to use our services at A Compassionate Hart Massage Therapy. All our massage therapists are fully qualified and trained to the highest standard so you are definitely not going to be disappointed. If you have any questions, here is our contact information https://www.compassionatehart.com/contact-us/ , feel free to reach out to us at anytime.