Massage Prices to fit Every Budget – Price List | Compassionate Hart

Here at A Compassionate Hart Massage Therapy, we truly believe that regular Massage is more of a necessity, than it is a luxury. Which is why we want everyone to be able to afford them! We offer Chair Massage and Table Massage in many different increments, so that you can find the one that best fits your budget. All Massages are tailored specifically to you that day. Which is why we list them as “Therapeutic Massages” instead of breaking them down by specific techniques. Our therapists use all different sorts of techniques with in each session so we don’t want to limit what they can and can not do!

Price List:

Below is our Price List:

Chair Massages:

10 minutes – $10
15 minutes – $15
20 minutes – $20

Table Massages:

30 minutes – $38
45 minutes – $53
60 minutes – $60
75 minutes – $83
90 minutes – $98
120 minutes – $128

We also offer our “Loyalty Reward Package Deals”. These are pre-paid package deals that we offer to only our most exclusive and beloved clients! There are lots of little goodies you get in these packages, so the next time your in and you say to yourself “I really should do this more often”, ask us how you can!!!

Oh…and we do offer Senior Citizen Discounts as well…Yay!