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Krystal Taylor, LMT

Bodywork Therapist

Krystal Taylor is an ABMP Certified Bodywork Therapist. She graduated from the massage program at Great Lakes Institute of Technology in 2015. Since graduating, Krystal has worked along side various alternative medicine practitioners, including, but not limited to, an Oriental Medicine Practitioner, an Osteopathic Doctor, Reiki Practitioners, Indigenous Healers, and Herbalists. She incorporates her eclectic teachings in Eastern Philosophy, Stone/Crystal healing, energy work, and native spirituality in to her sessions, enhancing the healing experience.

In Krystal’s spare time, you can find her adventuring outdoors, attending shows and concerts, as well as participating in Native Ceremonies. She has always had a deep seeded passion for nature, animals, and natural medicine. Her interest in alternative medicine spiked when her Grandmother passed in 2013 from cancer. Krystal wishes she knew the extensive knowledge she knows now when her grandmother was first diagnosed. She is a strong believer in the bodies ability to heal itself under the proper circumstances with the assistance of holistic medicine.

Krystal now utilizes her comprehensive knowledge of the human anatomy, as well as the bodies energetic system, to tailor each session to the clients specific needs. She specializes in Aromatherapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Swe-Thai, and Thai-Shaitsu. She is currently in the process of becoming attuned to enhance the depth of her energy work.

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Krystal Taylor – #MSG010594 Licensed Massage Therapist