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Holiday Gift Giving Made Easy and From the Hart

A Holiday Deal You Don’t Want to Miss

I don’t know about you, but this time of year gets me excited! Yes, the weather changes and the snow starts flying, but that also means curling up with a good book or catching up on some Netflix shows. It means less busyness and more time spent with family and friends. At least, that is always my hope. This time of year also means the holidays. A time to reflect on blessings throughout the year as we look forward to a new year just around the corner. I am so grateful for all of my Erie massage clients and their friends and family. When I can help you relax or tackle a pain point through massage therapy, I hope to support you so you leave feeling strengthened and encouraged.

I’m sure you are beginning or even well underway with your holiday shopping, trying to beat the rush and snatch up a good deal. Here at A Compassionate Hart Massage Erie PA during the holidays, I like to provide a special gift certificate sale for my established clients and their friends and family.

Therapeutic Erie Massage Holiday Deal

This year, I am offering a one-hour Therapeutic Massage for only $50 (originally priced at $68)! This is the best deal on one-hour massages all year. These gift certificates are good for one year at the price of $50. There is a limit of six. Why not keep two for yourself and give the others to family and friends? Each person may redeem two of these gift certificates in the next year. I encourage you to take advantage of this special and keep them for 2018! (I also strongly encourage you, if you have the idea to buy these for a loved one, make sure to somehow drop a hint or ask them if they are interested in this as a gift. I don’t want you to waste your money on something they won’t end up using.)

Purchasing these gift certificates online is going to be your most convenient approach. The gift certificates will be emailed directly to you. After printing them, you can put them in a decorated envelope or in a gift bag and give them to your loved ones!

On a personal note, my mom is having major surgery on December 6, 2017. I will be out of the office for about a week to 10 days. I will not be readily available to answer questions, phone calls, or emails during that time. I will do my best, but I ask you to please understand that my full attention needs to be with my family at this time. Please bear with me and thank you in advance for all the kind thoughts and well wishes for my mom!

As 2017 winds down, I also want to announce some changes at A Compassionate Hart. My business partner of five years, Jennifer Rice, the hairdresser, is moving on. I wish her all the best! With the vacated space in the office, I will be offering more times for chair massages and NRT work. My schedule will open up more after the holidays and it will be easier to schedule that much-needed time. Feel free to reach out or text me if you need to get in!

Contact A Compassionate Hart Massage Therapy Erie PA

If you have any questions about our therapeutic massage therapy, do not hesitate to contact me. Here at A Compassionate Hart Massage Therapy Erie PA, I am here to help you live a better, more comfortable life not just during the holiday season, but all year round! I wish all of you the happiest of holidays and every blessing in the New Year! Thank you again for your love and support of A Compassionate Hart and don’t forget to purchase your holiday massage!