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Massage Therapists Erie PA

Heather Hart, LMT RMT

Owner/Therapist/Chronic Pain Specialist/Dora the Explorer

In Practice Since: 2003

Through a variety of settings, Heather has been practicing massage in Erie PA for 13 years. She specializes in Trigger Point Massage Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage. She is one of the few erie massage therapists that can bill for Auto Accident and Workers Compensation Insurance. Heather helps her clients not only live a better life physically, but also mentally and spiritually.


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Erie Massage Therapist Kristina

Kristina Biggs, LMT

Low Back Specialist and Deep Tissue

In Practice Since: 2015

Erie massage therapist, Kristina joined A Compassionate Hart Massage Therapy team right after she graduated from Great Lakes Institute. She is well known for her deep tissue skills, along with using her elbows, fists and knuckles to access the deeper layers of the muscles. She is very knowledgable in this type of massage therapy and understands the need for some quiet time. Click below to continue reading about Kristina or schedule a deep tissue massage today!


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Massage Therapist Krystal

Krystal Taylor, LMT

Bodywork Therapist

In practice since: 2015

Also graduating from Great Lakes Institute of Technology, Krystal joined the Compassionate Hart team. She is known for specializing in Relaxation, Aromatherapy, Relexology and Trigger Point Therapy work. Krystal, massage therapist Erie PA has a more gentle approach to her massage and incorporates various forms of Eastern Philosphy to her sessions. Click below to continue reading about Krystal or schedule an appointment with her today!


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